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 Wearing the Tartan Sash had customary significance two centuries ago.  In due respect for tradition, uniform practice and implication consistent with custom, we provide the following suggestions based upon old portraits, prints, and traditional practice, and bear the approval of the Lord Lyon King of Arms.  




A. Clans Women B. Chieftainesses and Heads of Companies C. Personal Clan Tartan


A.  Worn by Clans Women  

The Tartan Sash is worn over the right shoulder across the breast, and secured by a pin or small brooch on the right shoulder.


B.  Worn by wives of Chieftainesses

Wives of Clan Chiefs, Colonels of the Scottish Regiment, and could also be applied to principals of companies.  The sash is worn over the left shoulder, and secured with a brooch on the left shoulder.


C.  Worn by ladies who have married out of their clan who still use their original clan tartan

The tartan sash is worn over the right shoulder and fastened in a bow on the left hip.  


Another smart alternative is to wear your Tartan Sash draped over the shoulder, across the breast, and secured by a clan pin, pin or small brooch at the waist on the opposite side as seen below.  


Clanswoman wearing tartan sash Popular way to wear the Tartan sash


Tartan sashes are fine wool, 90" long and 11" wide.  They are available for rent ($20) in the Black Watch, Douglas, Ancient Gunn, Modern Gunn, Mackenzie, Scottish National, Royal Stewart, and Irish National tartans.


Tartan sashes in most tartans may be purchased ($65), along with brooches ($35).


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